We Develop and Manufacture
Premium High-Quality Coatings

From garage floors and truck beds to industrial piping and containment units. Nothing Protects like Vortex.

Nothing Protects Like Vortex.

The world is an abrasive place. Your surfaces are constantly being worn down and destroyed. Standard paints and many coatings are no match for extreme and rough environments.

As surface coatings wear, the underlying substrate is exposed to the elements. This can cause rust, rotting, and destruction of vital equipment.

We develop and manufacture high-quality coatings that exceed expectations in both aesthetics and performance, in order to help you protect your investment. Whether that is a truck bed, your warehouse’s flooring, or a custom industrial application; we have a coating that is formulated to protect.

Protect Your Investment

Our coatings have a number of applications. Whatever you want to
protect, we have a coating that will do the job

Agricultural Equipment

Agricultural Equipment

Revolutionizing Farm Productivity with Vortex Coatings for Agricultural EquipmentAgricultural equipment is the cornerstone of farming operations, frequently exposed to harsh conditionsAgricultural equipment is the cornerstone of farming operations, frequently exposed...

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Primary Containment

Primary Containment

Enhancing Safety with Vortex Coatings for Primary Containment in Industrial EnvironmentsIn the demanding realm of industrial operations, managing and containing hazardous substances is critical for safety, environmental compliance, and operational efficiency.In the...

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Looking to start or expand your business?

Whether you are looking for a fresh start or a way to expand your existing business. The Vortex dealer program is a great opportunity.

Our Coating Systems

We develop beautiful and high-performing coatings. We also make industrial-grade equipment to enable those coatings to be efficiently and properly applied. See below for information about our machines.

The Vortex Sprayliner system is the preeminent low pressure spraying system. An all in one unit that is not only fully capable of applying our best in class Vortex coating but it is also fully mobile. Allowing for application anywhere you have access to a standard 110v outlet.

Our Granitex flooring machine is built for the efficient application of our Polyphatic Floor Coating system. This machine mixes the material on your behalf, enabling applicators to complete large jobs and surface areas more efficiently than ever.
The portable Eco-Meric Spray Machine enables applicators to apply our industrial-grade roof coating system. This machine is simple to operate, easy to maintain, and is a great addition to any business!

Knowledgeable and Capable

All of our dealers are backed by industry leading support. Our team is well equipped and knowledgeable to help you through any challenge that comes up.
Our dealers are given the opportunity to train directly with us at our facility as well as provided with online training resources to ensure confidence in the application. We understand that many projects bring up unique challenges and our technical team is ready to help with whatever comes up!

What we do.

We are here to support you! We manufacture the machine, produce the coatings, and provide technical support right here in our facility.