We design and manufacture high quality equipment, We also recognize when other manufacturers excel, and want to be sure our dealers have access to the best equipment at all times.

Vortex Machines

Applying coatings can be a challenging business. We design and manufacture machines to improve efficiency and reliability of the coating process

Vortex KV-5006

The Vortex KV-5006 is the only industrial grade, low-pressure sprayliner system available. The KV-5006 is the only portable sprayliner machine, allowing you to minimize the necessary shop space or take the equipment anywhere you are needed. Whether you are spraying traditional truck liners, coating foundation walls on a construction site, or coating the wood dock at your customer’s lake house, you can do it all with the KV-5006! It is easy to learn, setup, spray, and maintain.

Granitex GTX-8003

Expand your services with the GTX-8003 professional baked-on flooring system. Granitex is a unique blend of coating technologies which provides an incredibly durable, highly impact resistant, chemical resistant and UV resistant coating. Fully customizable with thousands of color combinations.

Eco-Meric EMG-500

The EMG-500 spray-on roof coating system is a dual coat technology that creates a waterproof seal and extends the life of the existing roof. Your customers will thank you when they see their energy savings after installation!

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Despite being a premiere manufacturer of low pressure spray systems, we also recognize that some jobs require specialized tools such as a high pressure spray unit or a machine specially designed for specific material applications. We want to provide you the best tools to get the job done, and get it done right. That is why we are also proud to be a Graco distributor. We carry parts and equipment as well as provide service for all Graco products.